Utilities for opening files or URLs in the registered default application and for sending e-mail using the user’s preferred composer.
Open a file or an URL in the registered default application.
bestgui.xopen.mailto(address, to=None, cc=None, bcc=None, subject=None, body=None, attach=None)

Send an e-mail using the user’s preferred composer.

Open the user’s preferred e-mail composer in order to send a mail to address(es) that must follow the syntax of RFC822. Multiple addresses may be provided (for address, cc and bcc parameters) as separate arguments.

All parameters provided are used to prefill corresponding fields in the user’s e-mail composer. The user will have the opportunity to change any of this information before actually sending the e-mail.

  • address: specify the destination recipient

  • cc: specify a recipient to be copied on the e-mail

  • bcc: specify a recipient to be blindly copied on the e-mail

  • subject: specify a subject for the e-mail

  • body: specify a body for the e-mail. Since the user will be able

    to make changes before actually sending the e-mail, this can be used to provide the user with a template for the e-mail text may contain linebreaks

  • attach: specify an attachment for the e-mail. file must point to

    an existing file

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